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Follow these rules and you might find yourself more successful in meeting your Bashert (or maybe not…we are still single, what do we know?)- Don’t take me to a non-kosher place on our first date unless you are planning to just do drinks — I might eat there, but I might also get really offended.Play it safe until you know what level of Kashrut I keep.- Don’t come up to me in Shul after one day and pretend like you are my best friend - just because you have seen me accidentally doesn’t mean I want to say hi (warning: if you do so, I will be awkward).- Do bring up the idea of keeping Shabbat/Kosher early on: the conversation is likely awkward for both of us, but it’s better to know where we stand right away and then decide if we care.- Don’t judge me for drinking non-kosher wine at the bar…That’s just narrow minded (and it will never work out between us).- If we went to the same camp/high school/synagogue and didn’t know each other before, only harp on this for a maximum of 2 minutes .

Because there are additional tenets to adhere to and norms to follow in this ‘special’ world, we put together a dating 'cheat sheet’ for the UWS.

- If we met at a Shabbat meal, don’t ask out the friend I brought at the same time.

Pick ONE person to ask out (and you might have a better shot).

- Do order more than one round of drinks…I promise I’ll get much entertaining (and far less awkward).

- Do not wait for me to fill any awkward silence…I’m probably doing the same thing (and enjoying it).

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