Windows dns forward lookup zone not updating

When troubleshooting DNS servers, the utility will become your best friend. It's a command-line utility that is included within Windows 2008.With nslookup, you can perform query testing of your DNS servers.Name Servers specify all name servers for a particular domain.You set up all primary and secondary name servers through this record.You can change the primary server that holds the SOA record, and you can change the person responsible for managing the SOA.Finally, one of the most important features of Windows 2000 is that you can change your DNS server configuration without deleting your zones and having to re-create the wheel (Figure M).To create a DNS Alias: Mail Exchange records help you identify mail servers within a zone in your DNS database.

Without it, computers would have a very tough time communicating with each other.A reverse lookup zone is not required, but it is easy to configure and will allow for your Windows Server 2008 Server to have full DNS functionality.When selecting a DNS zone type, you have the following options: Active Directory (AD) Integrated, Standard Primary, and Standard Secondary.To create a Name Server, follow these steps: A Host (A) record maps a host name to an IP address.These records help you easily identify another server in a forward lookup zone.

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