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They both wrote wonderful letters after the sentence, saying that they were happy it was not the death sentence. I am at present doing night duty so don't be surprised at seeing many mistakes. I am still at home on sick leave and my back is still not quite well.

I am sure you are wondering why I don't tell you how I travelled back home.

Her husband, Walter, the man who brought Nelson Mandela into politics, served as secretary-general of the African National Congress (ANC) before going underground and hiding out at a farm at Rivonia, near Johannesburg, then being captured and sentenced to life imprisonment with Nelson Mandela and other ANC leaders.

She is a former head of radio news at the SABC, was a recipient of the Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University in 1999, and was Ferris Visiting Professor of Journalism at Princeton University in 2006.

It was only days before the June 16 uprising in 1976 and Nonkululeko, then at school in Soweto, had rushed back to tell her older sister of the placards her classmates had painted and of the demonstrations they were planning.

Through photographs, text and archival documents, the exhibition recounts a struggle within a struggle: the 26 years Walter Sisulu spent in jail and the impact this had on his family and his “other family”, the ANC.

Every family member mourns their grandmother differently, she says, but that for herself — a mother of two daughters — it was especially difficult because she had learned a lot about parenting from her grandmother Albertina. We thought we would find him at home, but we had to wait...

In any case, darling, we are very happy to hear from you. In their last tests they did badly, but they have picked up wonderfully in their June tests. I think I will succeed in getting him back to school. Darling, I will be seeing you soon if all goes well. This is just to inform you that I arrived safely on the 21st September and on the 22nd I was admitted at Bara Hospital with backache and I was discharged on the 19th October.

Darling, I am very sorry to be so absent-minded, you asked me to buy a book on that piece of paper I had, but I can't find it now. Please, when you are not well report to the authorities and get medical attention.

I wonder if it can be possible for you to write and tell me the name of the book again. My dear, we were all hurt about your remarks, that you always think of our birthdays and wish us good luck, but we never think of you on your birthday and wish you Happy Birthday. Never go on with that headache of yours because I know how it can treat you." Your welcome and most moving letter has had the desired effects...

Albertina Sisulu who led the United Democratic Front (UDF) in its 1980s war against white rule denied that Winnie Madikizela-Mandela visited and argued with Dr.

Asvat in his Soweto surgery hours before he was murdered on January 27, 1989.

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