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And sometimes explicit sexual talk is considered more offensive than are certain activities involving physical contact, such as kissing and hugging.

In flirting, people do not force themselves on others; it is a kind of enjoyable play having the pleasant atmosphere typical of the promise of sexual activity.

In real life, there is no way I would have formed this relationship. I met him in a chat room and at first it was just a nice friendly chat.

This of course progressed until we eventually went into a private room.

During flirting, each partner's soul is stirred, thereby enabling the two souls to respond to each other.

Miss Etiquette indicates that the meaning of flirting is to be playfully romantic; to speak or act in a playful or flirting way; or to toy with.

In the following description, a married woman having an affair with a married man illustrates the shift from the playful nature of flirting to the more profound nature of a committed romantic relationship: "We flirted with and [sought] each other constantly, until one day we realized we were not just playing anymore.The flirting had transformed into very deep feelings for both of us.He had reached deep inside my heart and touched it where no other man has ever before." The gradual manner in which people online become involved in overt sexual interaction is described by another woman as follows: "I am a single woman who has formed a relationship with a much younger married man.Flirting is subtle: it is typically not an explicit sexual activity, but rather an enjoyable, gentle prelude or substitute for it.Flirting has elements of intellectual teasing flavored by emotional play.

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