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I played along for a little while ( hey, I was bored and usually when I mess with them they do not call back! SO, I calmly told the woman that I will not participate in her scam and I will be reporting it... I just hope that the Telephone Number was a toll-free like it said on the home page. I go all the way through after paying on paypal, I should have known better but you never know whom to trust anymore.) The caller (who speaks HORRIBLE English) told me to type in a web site into my browser.. ME) searched it online and luckily this site came up! She started stuttering and said this is not a scam! I just hope that the Telephone Number was a toll-free like it said on the home page. Not sure if its the same people but my nephew got scammed and they told him they were going to debit 70 from his bank account.Am needing some answers fast as I nearly got taken all the way to the bank with the scam.This is the one where they say they are from microsoft and the need remote access to you computer to show you something.I got to the stage of putting in the 6 digit code put halted at the last popup saying clicking OK will allow them to control your computer and finally my very slow alarm bells went off and halted it there and closed all windows that were up.My question were they able to see any information on my computer before I stopped it? And my wifes computer uses the same internet connection is her computer also at risk just by letting them this far through the door?

Since they are an hour drive away, makes it alittle hard to just go down and see what virus may have been installed..

PLEASE let me know ASAPsomeone cannot dial into your pc if you do not give them premission.

Putting the modem back online will not allow them access to the computer again unless you allow them to.

as long as you didnt click ok you should be fine ,just remember Microsoft will never cold call you ,also for your own peice of mind it never hurts to change password every now and then make sure you put numbers aswell as letters.

hope this helps keith A certified Technician Just had those ######### on to me as well.

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