Red clay pipes dating sites

The clay tobacco pipe, especially in its “terracotta” versions, is arguably the most studied colonial artifact type in the New World.Despite the fact that numerous authors have addressed the subject over the past several decades—particularly in regard to their social significance—the pipes have remained largely unclassified as to specific makers or geographic points of origin.

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Another significant discovery was that Emanuel Drue produced a remarkable range of colored products—not because of the vagaries of manufacture, but because he selected clays specifically for their color variation.The possibility that individuals might be producing unique expedient pipes has already been mentioned.Before such a statement can be supported, however, the possibility that they are “presentation pipes” needs to be considered.Perhaps equally noteworthy was the presence of large quantities of raw white clay, amply reflected in pure white examples of both types of Drue products.The presence of pure white Drue belly bowls with a standard simple roulette decoration at the rim has ominous implications for archaeologists trying to differentiate imported tobacco pipes from local ones.

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