List of ps1 dating sims

Some of those sound really interesting, but I never knew Baldr Force was a digital comic-style game. I've played thru Doukyuusei (PC Engine CD) with no trouble and was able to score a few girls at the end, and I'm currently working my way thru Can Can Bunny Extra (PC-FX) and writing a guide as I go along.But some games I just can't really figure out, like, for instance, Graduation (PC-FX, I forget the Japanese name).The opening montage of screenshots proves that much.Speaking of which, it even keeps the PC opening FMV with its killer OP theme 'Face of Fact' from I've Sound.The manga and anime basically sold me on the characters otherwise I wouldn't know what to think of it.You micromanage your time trung to complete a manga for the comic convention and going out and buying supplies or talking to girls or your friend.They sound pretty interesting (I'm a big fan of adult games with actual gameplay, like Dragon Knight series).

But I've never really played it to see what the endings are like personally.

This came up in the other Dreamcast thread, but I didn't want to derail that one by asking in there.

I've been really interested in getting into the dating sim and adventure titles, but just didn't know where to start, what the best ones were, etc.

I can kinda figure out how I'm supposed to do certain things, but since I'm stuck playing trial and error with it, I always get a bad ending.

Baldr Force does seem to be one of those rare adventure/visual novels that let you do something other than read.

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