Isotope dating of rocks

They each developed their own drainage systems, the Canning draining northwest and the Officer south.

Now, more recently, new detrital zircons were found in the same area with an age of 4404 /- 8 million years ago, which pushed back the age of the oldest known continental crust by about 130 million years. The latest find of zircon crystals also show oxygen isotope ratios that indicate that they formed in the presence of liquid water, and microinclusions of Si O indicate that they formed in molten granite, and hence continental crust.The rivers on the western slopes still flow - the Swan River, Murchison River, Gascoyne River, Ashburton River, and Fortescue River - getting sufficient rain under the present climatic conditions.As with other north-south ranges in Australia, the main weather systems move across the continent from west to east, dropping their rain mostly on the western slopes.The Eucla Basin became the Nullarbor Plain, aka Bunda Plateau.Much of the Western Australia landscape has remained largely unchanged since the Late Cretaceous or Early Tertiary, 65-60 Ma, with its palaeodrainages established.

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