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super hot, and has done a few scenes for Pumping Muscle, where bodybuilders get felt up.

CF just needs to bite​ the bullet and keep a couple around in the same way they keep Henry, Jace, Dane, Kenny, etc.[quote]CF's old, crochety, and heavily-Asian subscriber isn't having it.

he just seems like a cute, unassuming kid plucked from the 70s or something. He's kinda dull, but I always have a good time watching him.

The film is directed by Bonni Cohen and Jon Shenk, produced by Richard Berge and Diane Weyermann, and executive produced by Jeff Skoll, Davis Guggenheim, Lawrence Bender, Laurie David, Scott Z. Gore's climate change documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, is getting a sequel.

I remember in one three-way, the moment he stuck it into one of the bottoms he had to pull out and cum. Honestly, Sean Cody's getting a bit better to, but they really need to get back to basics if they want to be great again. Corbin Fisher's Dave was one of the few that did a gay scene before a straight one... But besides the 4" difference, it looks like they're standing on something of a slope with Austin being on the downside. He was willing to take on political correctness and the liberal elite in a way that made him their champion CF is actually experiencing a bit of a renaissance at the moment. Nowadays they mostly shoot their scenes in cramped blue shoe-boxes.

CF was pretty dull for the past year or so, but now they're producing some really great vids. Sebastian has renamed himself and is now working with skank-site Guys With Sweatpants and Davey also got fucked on a Reality Dudes site. Miguel Estevez has been around for a couple of years now, and Gino Mosca even longer. And before Bel Ami, Gino worked for William Higgins as "Karel Ceman."Yeah, they usually fuck fish before ending up in a bi scene or going straight up gay. Austin is supposedly 5'9 and Sebastian is listed as 6'1. I also prefer his boyish charm to Gerard's machismo. Man, they should bring Gerard back to fuck Jerome... Trump spoke like them, talked about issues they care about like immigration and Islam.

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I'm hoping he comes back for a gay scene, or at least a threesome with a dude. Giving those guys some sort of backstory about a gay encounter is usually a sign that they are coming back. They hinted at a gay backstory for Sean Cody's Sebastian and he never came back. When I heard about the PR getaway, I figured that they'd both been there and then headed off to where they went together. I hope they keep Evan, Barron, Calan, Dave, Thomas and Baker a lot longer and Eli and Rory? I want them to bring back Josiah and/or Maddox, but CF's old, crochety, and heavily-Asian subscriber isn't having it.

And he may be back as they had him tell a story about making out with a buddy in a hot tub and getting blown by him. Honestly, the last four newbies CF brought on have been winners in my opinion. Josiah actually did a solo for SC if I'm not mistaken. At best he'll come back to Chaosmen when desperate. or perhaps Corbin Fisher released the gay one first. A few months ago they sent out a letter to subscribers saying they were going to take more care with the pairings and I can see they meant it. Brysen and Kaleb were on Snap together about a month ago. It might be a smart downsizing decision on their part but I don't know.

he seems way too straight, but so did Kevin, so who knows? The gay pron they make these days is so incredibly boring. Tim K, however, gets sucked off, but it's just out of frame. Check out the scene below:[quote]I'd been looking for him for so long! Someone teased that they knew who he was and that he moved from LA to Portland, or vice versa, and was an artist and musician. It's linked to his new Twitter: @Justin Brody XXX[quote]What was the point of that??? I don't know if he requested that any sexual acts be left out, but then why include the cumshot? The guys may not be as traditionally hot, but they've all got character and most are willing to return and experiment.

It's right on the line of porn, but rarely do the guys get hard. Honestly, Chaosmen's becoming more reliably hot than Sean Cody. He's enthusiastic, has a great body, and a wonderful ass. My only problem is that I wish he had been serviced by Sean Peyton and then actually fucked Lorenzo, because Daniel's not the best performer and his chemistry with Lorenzo was off the charts.

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