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The more sweet words he spoke to me, the more intensely I sucked his manpole.His precum was sweet on my tongue as I alternately deep throated him then concentrated on the head of his dick.

Silver is still in the military and Tony and Sean are both police officers.

At half time, everybody scattered to hit the bathroom or get a drink and snacks. " We finished the game and were making small talk when Brad made me sit on his lap facing the television.

I playfully mentioned to Brad that I thought his friends liked what I was wearing and he said, "They all think you are the hottest thing they have ever seen me with. " It seemed like an odd question but I answered truthfully and said, "All of your friends are gorgeous. " Brad looked me in the eyes and asked, "If I wasn't with you, who would you like to be with? "They all know you're trans and that we have been involved in some pretty steamy stuff. They would like to be with you too."Now this really floored me because as far as I knew we had been exclusive for some time (with the exception of his wife) and he had never suggested anything like this before. He began to kiss my neck as he wrapped his arms around me.

" I took this as my cue to start whatever was going to happen.

I kneeled in front of Brad and unzipped his shorts, freeing his sweet cock.

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