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Etzel once again supports Dietrich in a new campaign, and Dietrich once again single frau bern Ermenrich — but at the loss of his best men. The poem is unusual single frau bern that it is written in rhyming couplets rather than in stanzas, as is the case with single frau bern German heroic epics.

It may single frau bern that the author was trying to make his work more similar to either a rhyming chronicle or to a courtly romance.

This easy line of inheritance is broken first by Ortnitbut the succession is restored by Wolfdietrich.

With his wife and two daughters, Tahourdin migrated to Australia in 1964.

His Elegy for string orchestra and percussion, subitled "A lament for a world that might have been", was written in 2005.

Tahourdin's chamber music includes the Clarinet Sonata (1962), the four Dialogues (1971–84), the Quartet for Strings (1982), the Raga Music series (1985–88), Music for Solo Viola (2001), and Look at the Stars for flutes, clarinet, cello and marimba (2006).

Attila and Ermanaric as contemporaries is part of synchronization, a phenomenon frequently encountered in oral traditions.

This can also be seen in the way that other heroes such as Wayland and Witige have been drawn onto stories about Dietrich.

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