Dns updating time

However, today I set up Cloudflare for my site, which requires the domain be pointed to the Cloudflare servers.

The Cloudfare nameservers have now propagated and my site works fine. Does my site have an active SSL certificate even though it's pointed to Cloudflare? Thank you for your comment regarding eligibility of a Free SSL for the domain you have pointed to Cloud Flare recently.

If you want to have assistance with it, then you can contact our live technical support team for immediate assistance.

If you have any further questions or comments, please let us know. I am trying to transfer my domain registration to inmotion. I have an EPP code, but it appears the process has stalled.

If you're migrating your website to In Motion Hosting from another host, one of the last steps you'll take is pointing your domain's nameservers to In Motion Hosting's nameservers.

This will direct your domain's traffic here, and away from your previous web host.

Please be aware that changes to your nameservers can take up to 24 hours before they take affect, so changes you make will not be immediate.If you registered your domain name with In Motion Hosting, you do not need to change anything as it is already pointed here.However, if you have registered the domain name with another registrar you will need to update the nameservers with that company.You can check the WHOIS and all 3 show DNS pointing to you.Hello Dave, As per my earlier response, we have no way to correct an assigned name server if the domain was registered through a 3rd party (like Go Daddy).

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