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This date was carved on Lintel 3, Temple 1 at Tikal (Fig.

2) and in the European Calendar is August 6, 695, the day that King Jasaw Chan K'awill I of Tikal defeated Yich'aak K'ahk' (‘Claw of Fire'), a long-standing rival king of the powerful center of Calakmul located 90 km to the NW.

The change was effected by advancing the calendar 10 days after Oct.

4, 1582, the day following being reckoned as October 15.

A slight inaccuracy in the measurement (the solar year comprising more precisely 365 days, 5 hours, 48 minutes, 45.25 seconds) caused the calendar dates of the seasons to regress almost one day per century.

leap day” every four years was intended to maintain correspondence between the calendar and the seasons.The numbers 0–19 (represented by a bar [5], dot [1] system; with a zero symbol) were then used as multipliers for each unit so that the date 9 Bak'tuns, 13 K'atuns, 3 Tuns, 7 Winals, 18 Kins (noted as is 1,390,838 days from a mythical starting point on August 11, 3114 BC using one variant of the GMT correlation.In this case a coefficient of 584283 days is added to the Long Count to obtain the equivalent day in the European calendar.In no small part the acceptance of the GMT correlation is based on a radiocarbon study that was carried out in the 1950s using gas counting of β particles from .The analytical error of these measurements and other uncertainties associated with this early radiocarbon study do not fully resolve the problem and support multiple correlations at the 95% confidence interval (Supplementary Fig. Here we report a series of high-resolution AMS C dates from one of these wooden lintels (Manilkara zapota; commonly chico zapota or sapodilla) at Tikal (Lintel 3, Temple I; Fig.

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