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The “IZZI” paleointensity protocol (14), as well as partial thermal remanent magnetization (p TRM) checks (15), total TRM anisotropy correction (16), and cooling rate correction (17), was adopted in this study.The detailed experimental procedures can be found in ) Site map of this study and the published data from China.Therefore, large numbers of globally distributed data of the highest quality are necessary to further characterize the features of the geomagnetic field.However, the existing paleointensity data from eastern Asia, especially those considered to be “high quality” (passing strict criteria), are sparse.Its evolution has significant implications for issues such as geodynamics, evolution of the life on the Earth, and archaeomagnetic dating.Here, we present 21 archaeointensity data points from China and establish the first archaeointensity reference curve for eastern Asia.Common practice is to designate the site from digits in the site number, followed by the sequential sample number -first, second, third, etc. The geomagnetic field is an intriguing fundamental physical property of the Earth.

An overview of the methodology is provided on this website to acquaint researchers with the steps that are involved.These low intensities are the lowest ever found for the Holocene and have not been reported outside of China.We also report a spike intensity of 165.8 ± 6.0 ZAm Archaeomagnetism is an effective way to understand the variation of the geomagnetic field over periods of centuries to millennia during the Holocene.The goal of these workshops is to produce collectors who not only know how to correctly collect archaeomagnetic samples, but are also able to judge when this technique will be appropriate within the scope of the archaeological project.Although sample collection is not difficult, it does take practice.

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