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But NASA never felt like a real possibility until she saw Mae Jemison—the first African-American woman to enter space—on the cover of After almost a decade of training in robotics and the Russian language—so that she can communicate with the cosmonauts on her mission—she will become the first African-American to live and work long-term at the International Space Station.Jeanette knows that little girls, including her nieces, ages 5 and 6, are watching.At a stop here in Birmingham last week, a fish fry held inside a rec center gym, Jones presented himself to the crowd as a break from Alabama’s painful past.Jones said the differences between him and Moore “could not be greater,” and he encouraged backers to spread the word about the election. Jones later added: “We are on the right side of history in this campaign.” Jones, 63, is getting an assist on the campaign from elected officials and organizations that are prominent in the African American community. Sewell, who is African American and the only Democratic member of the state’s congressional delegation, said she recently took Jones through six churches in her home town of Selma — and sought to introduce Jones as an effective advocate for their community. The Alabama chapter of the NAACP is also helping inform voters about Jones, even as it is not officially endorsing a candidate in the race.The Ensley Park Recreation Center was beginning to come to life. The 75-year-old retired UPS worker had come to cheer on Democrat Doug Jones in a campaign that has captured national attention.The song “Happy” and other upbeat tunes boomed through the loudspeakers. Has it also generated energy in Alabama’s African American communities?She'll have with her a few of their drawings, a reminder of a world where girls never have to think the word "impossible" at all."I want little girls to believe in infinite possibilities," says Jeanette.

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One recent ad on R&B radio recounts Jones’s closing arguments as the lead prosecutor in the case.Exit polls show that Obama won 15 percent of the white vote in Alabama in 2012 — and Jones, according to Democratic strategists working on the race, may have to win more than a third of white voters to beat Moore.The accusations Moore is facing from women who said he made unwanted sexual contact with them when they were teenagers and he was in his 30s, including one who said she was 14, have opened the door for Jones to peel away some of these Republican votes.It includes targeted radio and online advertisements, billboards and phone calls.Campaign aides are debating whether to ask former first lady Michelle Obama to record a phone message for black voters.

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